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Reef knot

The reef knot is named after its most common use. It is used to tie up sails when a reefing to tidy up the loose sail.

Double sheet bend

The double sheet bend is more secure than the single sheet bend, particularly when attaching a thinner line to a thicker line. It is tied in the same way as a single sheet bend but with an additional loop (or wrap around).

Single sheet bend

The sheet bend is useful for joining two ropes together, particularly of different thickness. Part of the bend family, it can be used to extend mooring lines for example.


A bowline is used to form a loop at the end of a rope that will neither slip nor jam. A common use is to attach a sheet to the clew of a sail. A bowline cannot be undone when under load, conversely it is easy to undo when not.

Clove hitch

For tying on fenders or other uses such as lashing the tiler amidships

Is there anywhere to park my car?

There’s free parking on site where the boat’s moored at Hamble Yacht Services. For directions, click here. You’ll get details of how to get access in the joining instructions which are emailed to you just prior to your booking start date. Note: We do not take any responsibility for the security of your vehicle or …

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What’s included?

Accommodation on board the yacht, including meals, drinks and snacks (meals and drinks ashore are not included) Lifejacket and safety harness All race entry fees All yacht expenses (berthing & fuel) Professionally qualified, insured  Skipper Polka Sailing Team Polo shirt

What do I need to bring?

Obviously a lot depends on the time of year, however whatever the season, it is always cooler at sea. It’s also an outdoor, water sport so getting wet is part of the fun! What you’ll need: Enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved!Wet weather gear – An outer, waterproof layer, with a hood* Several warm layers …

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